An active stage of disbelief

With 3 full days left in country we are all feeling a little emotional and wondering how the time has passed by so fast! We have cherished every second spent here, whether we were laughing, eating, or more recently shedding a few tears.

We each have so many incredible stories from our days here unique to each one of us yet collectively have shared many laughs. From chickens and firecrackers in the early mornings to practicing spelling bees with siblings in the evening. From loving the children of San Juan on Sundays to getting accustomed to “Guatemalan time”. Each and everyone of us has experienced something similar to and yet so different from each other’s experiences.

Yesterday we were asked by America Latina’s founder and his daughters about our experience and our time here in this beautiful country. And it finally hit us that our time here has come to an end. During our time with the founder we were reminded that we have to take the good from our experience in country . And there is so much good and so much love here that makes this journey home more challenging.

So as we get closer to Sunday we ask that you pray for us. For words to adequately express to those we have met, worked with, and come to love that we are forever grateful for all they have done for us. For strength as it is always hard to say goodbye to people and places that are near to your heart. For a smooth transition back into all that we left behind at home. And for the people who have and the country that has touched our hearts.


Sending all our love,
Becca, Bria, Brielle, Kalany, Kaylyn y Tempie


One thought on “An active stage of disbelief

  1. Glad to read that you all had a wonderful time in Guatemala. I enjoyed reading your posts about your experiences and activities. The GlobeSprinters would love to hear more. You should be receiving an email from one of the team members so please do fill out the survey. Also, you are more than welcome to contact us if you would like to talk with one of us. Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall.

    Heather R.
    GlobeSprinting Team Member

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