Ohh we’re halfway there…

imageimage image image image image

That’s right Bon Jovi. The Guatemala team is officially two weeks in, two weeks out. These past few weeks have been out of this world; whether it was the chicken outside Bria’s bedroom door, the interesting mayo-corn confection at the Dia de Guatemala celebration, or the skittish flock of pigeons at the central mercado, we’ve definitely enjoyed a fair share of fun and new experiences here outside of working at the school during the week. Here are some examples:

-we’ve toured Guatemala City and learned about its history

-we’ve performed a skit for the preschoolers at America Latina (faux beards included) 

-we’ve visited the central mercado and purchased typical Guatemalan blouses for the Dia de Guatemala

-we’ve walked in a parade with the children of America Latina for the Dia de Guatemala

-we’ve tried typical Guatemalan foods, beverages and sweets

-and so much more!

We’ve been even more enriched by our experiences at the school. Tempie has danced her heart out with Mis Pasitos (preschool), Bria has become a friend to practically every middle schooler on campus, Becca and Kaylyn have helped out both by teaching and playing intense games of tag, and Kalany and Brielle have had the unique opportunity to serve in the English classes at the high school by laughing and learning with the students closest to their own age. Not to mention we finished our first 3 days of after-school English club this past week! We’ve been challenged and blessed in more ways than we imagined. Please keep our team in your prayers as we embark on the next half of this journey! Tomorrow, we begin working at America Latina’s other campus in Chimaltenango and are anticipating a visit to Antigua, one of the most beautiful and historic places in Guatemala.

Thank you for your enormous support!

All our love,

Kaylyn, Brielle, Becca, Kalany, Tempie, y Bria


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