A Tour of the City




Today, our team toured the city and learned a little bit more about its people and their history. After living here for one week, we were eager to venture out and explore a bit! The tour took us past beautiful buildings, monuments, and marketplaces, but we learned more than just dates and facts. We learned that Guatemala has a rich and complex history that has shaped it’s people and it’s culture in so many ways.

To put it plainly, we were reminded yet again what a distinct honor and privilege it is to serve in such a beautiful country, and that as much as we are putting into our work here, this place is pouring into us tenfold.

God is at work in Guatemala!

Love always,

Kaylyn, Brielle, Becca, Bria, Tempie, y Kalany



One thought on “A Tour of the City

  1. I am SO glad you were able to play tourists today and get out to see the sights of the country you are visiting. That gives you the opportunity to better understand the culture and the history of the place you are visiting for a month. am SO proud of the way you girls (especially Becca LOL) are selflessly giving up a month of your summer vacation to serve the people down there in Guatemala, Sounds like you’re having a blast doing it. Such a great attitude! I pray that God will keep you healthy and safe and that He will provide you with the strength to do all that He’s asking you to do down there. Keep the posts coming.Hugs to all of you (especially Becca) LOL

    PS Becca, still no phone sighting. Any recent revelations as to its location? or whether you might have had a GPS turned on for any reason?

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