It’s Friday & We’re in Love…

… With EVERYTHING! From the people, to the food, to all that we have done, we are enamored by everything we have experienced during our first week here and are excited for all that is to come.

‘Working Hard or Hardly Working?’ is a question we’ve had to ask ourselves a few times. And yes, of COURSE we are working diligently, but everything we have worked on since we’ve been here has been a blast. And although it calls for incredibly exciting days that turn into nights in which our beds start calling us around 8:30, we are honored to be here to love and serve these children, this school, our families, and this incredibly beautiful community.

Monday is the start of our English Club here at America Latina as well as our first performance of our play on missionaries for Tempie’s little ones (Mis Pasitos)- both of which we are really excited about. And tomorrow we have the opportunity to tour the city which we have all been desperately wanting to do.

We have been embraced by the people we have met and in return they have captured our hearts.

Becca, Bria, Brielle, Kalany, Kaylyn, y Tempie






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