Our First Day at America Latina

Hola Amigos!

Today was our first day of work at the America Latina School! We all enjoyed our work today with the kids. Tempie worked with the Preschoolers which are called Mis Pasitos. Mis Pasitos liked to ask a lot of questions, especially how to say words in English. Becca and Kaylyn worked with the Elementary Kids. Becca worked with an English teacher and helped the students with their English while working on her Spanish. She is surprised how much Spanish she remembers but is thankful for the kids that speak slowly. During recess the kids wanted her to watch the dance that they are making, they were very good and she had a ton of fun watching their dances! Kaylyln worked with the Bible teacher for parts of the day and with the other classes as well. Today she got her face painted with a red heart, que bonito! Bria worked with the Middle School kids and had a grand old time! She loves the kids, especially their sass even though she couldn’t understand it all. Brielle and Kalany worked with the high school students. During one of their classes, the students were telling jokes in English and Kalany and Brielle thought they were very funny! In fact, they were the only ones laughing. 

We are all having a wonderful time. We have only been here 3 full days and most of those days were spent with our families over the weekend. Brielle and Kaylyn are living together with one family, Tempie and Kalany with another, Becca on her own with another family, and Bria on her own with yet another family. However during the weekend, Becca and Bria get to spend time together because their families go to the same church and their mom’s work together at the school. In fact, on Sunday we were able to go play paintball at a park called Extreme Park. It was very, very fun although we both have a couple welts from the game. We are all excited for what is to come! We hope to get to know our teachers and the kids better and be a blessing to the school and the kids. Please be praying for our health (which up till now has been very good), for energy, and for God to work through us during our time here. 



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