Meet the Team: Tempie Knuteson


Hey  I am Tempiellen (Tempie to be less complicated). I am Freshman at Seattle Pacific University. Originally from Indiana, I came to Seattle open to what God had in store for me. I am an Integrated Studies major with a Language Arts emphasis.  I want to be a missionary teacher or work in non-profits.  Coming into SPU in the fall I had no idea that this is where God was leading me until I started volunteering at a women’s shelter helping kids with homework. These kids inspired me! Just seeing their brilliance displayed in different ways and the joy in their hearts regardless of their rough circumstances made me realize this was what I want to do!

Going on a SPRINT trip was a must for me. I want to be a light for God and share in community with people of  different backgrounds and cultures. I feel called to lose myself in service of others. This trip to Guatemala is the perfect opportunity to do this! I cannot wait to see how God can use me as a tool to glorify Him this summer.

Things to know about me:

If I am not doing something all of the time I go crazy! I LOVE being involved in everything…I mean everything… Soccer, Theatre, clubs,photography, choir, more clubs, hiking, camping, writing, volunteering, etc. If there is something to sign up for I will sign up. I believe it is important though to give my all to anything I am a part of.

I have a slight obsession with Coffee!

No hablo español…Yet. I am learning! I know American Sign Language.


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