Meet the Team: Rebecca Frankland

hiking close-up

Hello! ¡Hola! My name is Rebecca Frankland, my friends call me Becca so you can call me Becca too. I am a Junior at Seattle Pacific University. I am astounded that college has gone by so quickly, I only have a year and a half left, Eek! In September I will be starting my internship as a Student Teacher somewhere in the greater Seattle area. I am excited to see where the rest of my life will lead and how teaching will play into my life. As college is winding down and opportunities fly by, I couldn’t let this opportunity to travel to Guatemala pass me by. While in Guatemala we will be working at a school called America Latina, assisting the teachers working there and maybe even teaching our own lessons! This trip will be the perfect teaching opportunity and a sneak peek into what it may be like to teach abroad for a couple of years. My passion lies with children and teaching has become the perfect outlet for that passion to flow to. I have enjoyed getting to know my team as we prepare for this trip together, I love them all dearly already and I can’t wait to see where that adoration will lead as our preparation continues. I am excited to share this trip with all of you and to see what God does in my life through this incredible experience!


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