Meet the Team: Kaylyn Springer


My name is Kaylyn, and I’m from a lovely little town called Wilsonville, Oregon. You’ll quickly learn that I’m passionate about a lot of things, but some of my favorites include running, rain, coffee, hiking, and people. I love people.

If you would have asked me a little over a month ago where I saw myself this summer, I would have given you a beefy list of all the movies I have yet to watch and cookie recipes I have yet to bake, and that would be that. But ask me today, I’ll instead respond with a grin that suggests clearly my excitement and subtly my nervousness: I will be spending the month of August in Guatemala.

It’s amazing how God speaks into my life in the brief moments that I am willing to listen. He seeps into the cracks as I try to hold onto my own idea of how to live, and He disrupts me. My life is beautifully disrupted by an awesome God.

I made the decision to go on a SPRINT trip for several reasons: first, I’m convinced that although my first language is English, my heart beats in Spanish, and I yearn to finally use this passion to serve. Second, I was (am) a BIG fan of the “comfort zone”; the comfort zone and I were very happy together before God called me outside of it. I’m awestruck that this year, “outside” means Guatemala.

I sincerely appreciate your support as I take this step. Having wonderful people around me as I embark on this crazy journey is such a blessing.

Adventure is out there!

All the love,


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