Meet the Team: Brielle Cosgrove

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Hey everyone!

My name is Brielle Cosgrove.  I love chocolate milk, being a Disney princess, salsa dancing, cat cafes, tic tacs, flowers, and much more!  I can get overly excited about practically anything and will be your best friend if you let me.

I what I call a Frunior at SPU this year.  I did Running Start in the “big small town” of Spokane and received my AA when I graduated high school, so I’ve entered college with Junior standing and am already taking classes in my major, which is absolutely wonderful.  I am studying Linguistics and Cultural Studies and LOVING it.  If you know me, I am very passionate and dedicated to what I put my heart into.  I love the world and all its differences in languages and ideas, and exploring it is my calling!  I currently want to move to Latin America somewhere and do translation work, teach or tutor English, run an afterschool program, or something similar. I love Spanish, children, and sunshine, so the idea of a career that involves all of those sounds like an amazing way to serve God with my skills and talents.

I am immeasurably excited about our trip to Guatemala.  Living with host families and serving in the schools is the perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of my potential future, and I cannot wait to see what God does in my life and in Guatemala!

¡Por Jesús! 😉


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